Black Drain Drainage Board

Black Drain Drainage Board

The Board is made up of 15 Members; 8 of these are directly elected in a way similar to that for Ward Councillors and 7 are appointed by the Council.

Board Members are elected or appointed to represent the interests of the Board and the drainage, flood risk and associated environmental management needs of the community it serves.

The Board normally has three scheduled meetings a year; details of the meetings are advertised under ‘News and Notices‘. The agendas and minutes of Board meetings are available to view in the Resources section of the website.

Further information about the Board’s constitution and how Board meetings are conducted is presented in the Governance section.

The day to day management of the Board is led by the Chief Executive, supported by managers who look after specific service areas including Corporate, Finance, Engineering and Asset Management. The Board employ finance and rating officers along with a team of skilled operators and craftsmen. Much of the Board’s maintenance work is undertaken by contractors.