Yorkshire and Humber Drainage Boards is a management group that represents 7 Internal Drainage Boards in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. These include:

The management group also provides engineering and development control services for the Vale of Pickering Internal Drainage Board. This Board has a separate administration and Clerk.

What is an Internal Drainage Board?

Each internal drainage board (IDB) is a public body that manage water levels in an area, known as an internal drainage district, where there is a special need for drainage. IDBs undertake works to reduce flood risk to people and property and manage water levels for agricultural and environmental needs within their district.

Today, there are 112 IDBs in England whose districts cover 1.2 million hectares (9.7% England’s landmass). They play a key role in reducing flood risk to over 600,000 people and nearly 900,000 properties. They operate and maintain over 500 pumping stations, 22,000 km of watercourse, 175 automatic weed screen cleaners and numerous sluices and weirs.

The Management Group

The management group is led by the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board who provide administrative, technical and professional services to all Boards through agreements made under Section 11 of the Land Drainage Act 1991.

All Boards remain independent legal entities but share some costs including administrative, technical and professional services.

These arrangements are made between public authorities and are not for profit.


Links to existing websites of individual Boards can be found below


For maps showing the drainage districts that are managed by Yorkshire & Humber Drainage Boards please click on the link below:

Danvm Drainage Commissioners and Black Drain Drainage Board

On the 1st April 2020 both Danvm Drainage Commissioners and Black Drain Drainage Board joined this management group through agreements made with Ouse and Humber Drainage Board.

The notices of Black Drain Drainage Board can be found here adoc.org.uk

Danvm Drainage Commissioners NOTICES


Address 91 Bridgegate
East Riding of Yorkshire
DN14 7JJ

Telephone 01430 430237

Email enquiries@ohdb.org.uk

Appointed Officers and Defined Roles for the Boards at 1st April 2020

Andrew McLachlan
1. Chief Executive and Clerk
2. Chief Financial Officer

Angela Cowen
1. Policy and Finance Manager
2. Deputy Chief Executive and Clerk
3. Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Russ Towse
1. Operational and Technical Manager