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Welcome to Yorkshire and Humber Drainage Boards (YHDB).

YHDB is a public sector management group that represents 8 Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs) across Yorkshire.

Although each Board is an independent public authority, we work together to deliver improved services. Our work is essential for the sustainability of large parts of the region.

The Work of Internal Drainage Boards

Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs) are locally accountable independent public authorities responsible for the general supervision of drainage within their districts, except main rivers.

IDBs raise local taxes (rates) in order to carry out maintenance works on arterial watercourses and some rivers, they also operate flood risk pumping stations, sluices and other structures.


View our interactive map showing watercourses and pumping stations that our Boards maintain. Click on the link to view a detailed map that also shows our planned maintenance activities.

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